How It Works


Peer to peer travel. That's what is. It's the first (and only, as far as we know) reverse bidding travel site.

On, travelers can post their service requests, from accomodation to ride sharing, to lessons, equipment hire and activities, and local service providers can make them an offer. We take the cookie cutter out of vacations, and give adventure seekers and small, local travel businesses a safe, easy way to connect, book and manage their trips and bookings.




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why should you join


Trapeer is free for travelers, and has free and low cost packages for individual and small business service providers.

Sign up is quick and easy, and once your account is approved, you can start posting service requests or making offers immediately.

The system automatically sends out emails every time you get a new offer, someone else makes an offer lower than yours, you get a private message, or a service request that meets your criteria in your area is posted.

It's the simplest, safest and most fun way for adventure seekers to see the world like a local, and for local individuals and service providers to start and grow their own tourism related businesses.