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  • Where does trapeer.com work?


    The trapeer.com website works everywhere, but because we process all payments through the secure PayPal payment system, it can only be used by Travelers and Service Providers in countries where PayPal works.


  • What is trapeer.com?


    Trapeer.com is a platform that connects travelers who want to visit interesting places and have unique experiences with local service providers in the area, and facilitates secure communication, booking and payment.

    Reverse Bidding

    The trapeer.com platform operates on the reverse bidding model, which means that unlike a traditional site where service providers post their rates and travelers select one from the predetermined offers, trapeer.com lets travelers request exactly what they need.

    Travelers can set a budget, describe their needs, and the duration and timing of their visit or service requirement.

    Service providers who are registered on the site can then make them offers, based on those requirements.

    The traveler reviews all the offers, and selects the one that best suits their needs.

    Secure Payment

    One of the biggest issues when seeking smaller service providers in far flung places is the issue of risk. It's why most of us don't use classified sites to book these sorts of things. There's just no way of knowing for sure that you're dealing with a bona fide service provider, or someone who is up to no good.

    trapeer.com takes the risk out of the equation for both parties, thanks to our secure on site payment system.

    Once a traveler has selected a service provider, and confirmed their booking, they use the secure Escrow service, powered by PayPal (which also allows credit card payments), to fund their travel account. If a deposit is required to secure the booking, it can be set as a separate milestone, and paid as required.

    The payment is then held in Escrow until the service is delivered, and then the traveler releases it to the service provider.

    This helps to ensure that both the traveler and the service provider is protected.

    Ratings and Feedback

    The trapeer.com platform is also a ratings and review platform, where service providers who provide excellent service to their customers can really shine, and grow their business. The platform lets both travelers and service providers review each other, so the rest of the community can make informed decisions.

    Almost Anything Travel Related

    Yes. We have the option to book a holiday home or a ride sharing arrangement. But we also offer travelers the opportunity to book surfing lessons, bicycle rentals or a wedding venue.

    We are the real deal when it comes to peer to peer travel, and we're making it easy for travelers to see the world like a local, and for local businesses to get found!


  • Who can use trapeer.com?


    trapeer.com is open to travelers and service providers from around the world, so long as they are able to use PayPal.com to make and / or receive payments.

    Our site processed all payments through that payment processor, which means that all users need to be able to use the same platform in order to use the site.

    In the case of travelers, since you can make payments via PayPal without an account, there is strictly speaking no restriction on their location (although any refunds would be processed by PayPal too, so we strongly recommend that they have an account), while service providers must be in a country where PayPal operates, and have a valid account.


  • What does it cost to use trapeer.com?


    For travelers, there's no cost to sign up for trapeer.com, or to post a service request, or to use our system in general. If you want to use special features of the site, like the featured posts option, or an NDA, for example, individual fees apply, all of which can be viewed when you select those options on the create a project page.

    Service providers have several options when it comes to their accounts, all of which come with different features and pricing.

    Individual service providers can sign up free, and receive one portfolio item, and ten bids per month. They are charged a $5 or 15% service fee on each service they provide (whichever is higher), and they are charged $1.50 per bid and $5 per service they create in the marketplace.

    Small business service providers can sign up for $10 per month, for which they receive 99 bids per month, have a 10% service fee, and can create 5 portfolio items. This is great for smaller businesses that might want to bid on lots of service requests in the high season, and saves money on processing commissions for successful offers.

    Finally, there is the Enterprise option, which costs $49 per month, but comes with unlimited bids, 15 portfolio items and 10% processing fees. This is a great choice for larger companies that operate more than one travel business or location, who want to have the flexibility to bid on every service request in the relevant areas and specialties.

    Plans can be up or down graded as desired, when your plan is renewed for the month.


  • What can Travelers do on trapeer.com?


    Trapeer.com is designed to be a platform where travelers can list their requirements for accommodation, activities, lessons, rentals, transport and more, by creating Service Requests.

    Service Requests include their budget, timelines and other information,and are available to browse by Service Providers in the areas they choose. Service Providers then place bids or make offers for the requested services, and Travelers can choose the offer that best meets their needs.

    The trapeer.com Escrow and payment system protects travelers by allowing them to manage payments to service providers securely, without divulging financial information. It allows them to create milestones for deposits, services rendered and bonus payments, and with the feedback and review services, allows Travelers to tell other users about their experience.

    Travelers can also use the trapeer.com site to browse service provider profiles, to see what's on offer in the areas they are interested in visiting, and to read reviews and feedback by other users. They can invite Service Providers that they are interested in to make an offer on their Service Requests, contact Service Providers securely and without revealing contact information and more.

    And because we verify the identity of all Travelers and Service Providers, we take the guess work and risk out of working with small, local service providers and businesses around the world, so you get a unique travel experience and peace of mind.


  • What can Service Providers do on trapeer.com?


    Trapeer.com is a platform that allows small businesses and individuals (as well as established enterprises) around the world to get involved in the tourism industry easily and securely.

    Service Providers are any individuals, companies or small businesses that offer any kind of travel related service. This could include renting a private residence, running an accommodation establishment, providing ride share services, lessons, activities, rentals or other types of services.

    We allow Service Providers to create profiles that showcase their specialties, and to browse and respond to service requests by Travelers on the site.

    We also provide a safe and secure payment service that utilizes PayPal and our in house Escrow service to ensure that both Travelers and Service Providers are protected in any transaction. Finally, we allow feedback and reviews of both Travelers and Service Providers.

    If you're building a travel or tourism business in your city, you need to be on trapeer.com. Be found. Show Travelers how great your city really is!


  • Can I travel with trapeer.com without PayPal?


    Yes. While all service providers who use trapeer.com must have PayPal accounts, we can process credit and debit card payments through PayPal (as long as your cards are set up for online shopping!)

    However, if for any reason, you need to receive a refund from trapeer.com, you will need to set up a PayPal account to receive it.


  • Why do you ask for ID and address before activating my account?


    If you've just signed up for trapeer.com, you have received an email requesting proof of ID and address.

    You may be wondering why we ask for this information, and why we ask for it by email rather than on the site. The answer to both of those questions is security.

    There's a reason more people don't use classified sites to plan their vacation: too much risk dealing with people you have never met. By verifying that our users are who they say they are, we can add another layer to the security this site offers our users.

    That's the same reason we ask for your information outside of the website, and store it entirely separate to the rest of the website. Even though we use secure, third party payments through PayPal, and even though our site uses SSL technology to stay secure, we don't want to risk your information. So we don't store it on our site, or online at all.

    We're all about providing a secure, low risk option for people who want to travel out side of the box, and this is just one of the ways we do that.


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