Watamu, Kenya


The small village of Watamu, situated on the coast of Kenya in Africa, is home to the Watamu National Marine Park, considered to be one of the best dive and snorkelling spots in the world. The beautiful white sandy beach, protected by coral reefs, boasts more than 600 different species of fish including graceful Manta Rays, and majestic whale sharks.

Apart from the abundance of beautiful marine life in its waters, Watamu also has plenty of birdlife, more than 260 species of butterflies, as well as elephant, buffalo, hyena, and leopard, which roam the thick forests in the area. A new species of spitting cobra, the largest in the world, was discovered here in 2007.

Getting to Watamu

It’s easy to get to Watamu by car if you travel along the main Mombasa/Malindi road and turn to drive in the direction of the Indian Ocean. Watamu is about 11 km from the main road.

Alternatively, you can fly to Malindi Airport, and take a taxi from there to Watamu.

Things to see and do in Watamu

Apart from the brilliant dive and snorkelling opportunities here, you can also try your hand at windsurfing, take a dolphin watching boat trip, interact with the extremely friendly locals, have a picnic in the forest, witness the spectacular African sunsets, or simply spend the day soaking up the sun on the beautiful beach.

Best time to visit Watamu

December through to April is the best time to visit Watamu, when the sea is crystal clear, the beach is free of seaweed, and the weather is hot and dry, and perfect for all water-related activities.

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