Juhu, Mumbai, India


India is one of those places that just has to be on anyone's travel bucket list, and if you're going to visit, make sure that Juhu, in the capital of Mumbai, is on your list of destinations. The beautiful, extensive beach in the affluent suburb of Juhu in Mumbai, India, is what it is most famous for. Juhu is known in India as the Beverly Hills of Bollywood, due to the many Bollywood celebrities and prominent businessmen and women who live here.

How to get to Juhu

Getting to Juhu is easy once you arrive at the international airport. There are taxis or cars to rent at the airport, or you can take the train, and if you are not renting a car, then you can take the public buses, which run to Juhu from many areas in the city.

Things to see and do in Juhu

Juhu Beach is beautiful and peaceful, and a great way to spend the day, and watch a spectacular Arabian sunset as you enjoy a meal from one of the many food stalls, which are famous for the excellent food and snack items they have to offer.

Activities here include jogging, cycling, skipping, and yoga, and at the Ghandi Gram, situated at the north end of the beach, there is cricket, basketball, and football for the children. Horse and camel rides are also available and dancing monkeys are there too, to entertain the crowds. Various celebrations and festivals also take place at Juhu at different times of the year.

Best time of the year to visit Juhu

October through to February is the best time to visit Juhu Beach. It is advisable to not visit Juhu during the monsoon season though, as the tides are normally high during these times, and not safe for swimming.

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