Cadiz, Spain


The stunning old city of Cadiz, possibly the oldest inhabited city in the western world, occupies a small peninsula on the south coast of Spain, is definitely worth a visit. Although not many foreign tourists holiday in Cadiz, it is a very popular destination for the people of Spain, especially in summer, and during February and March, when the carnival takes place.


How to get to Cadiz

There are flights from most major cities in the world to Jerez, the nearest airport to Cadiz, and another, which is in the city of Seville. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a train, bus, or rental car to get to Cadiz.

What to see and do in Cadiz

Cadiz has several beautiful, lively plazas to visit, an extremely elegant metropolitan area, and absolutely fantastic beaches. The cathedral is a must-visit, as is the museum, which has a magnificent, priceless, displays of gold, silver, and jewelry, as well as the crypt of the famous composer, Manuel de Falla, who was born in Cadiz.

Visit the Fine Arts and Archeology Museum, view the entire city from the top of the Torre Tavira, see several artworks by Francisco Goya in the Oratorio de Santa Cueva church, or just spend the day relaxing on one of the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Best time to visit Cadiz

Summer is definitely the time to visit Cadiz. The weather is lovely and warm and perfect for swimming, and some of the more popular tours only operate in summer.

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