Affiliate Program is a website that's all about the sharing economy, connecting travelers with local service providers, individuals and small businesses who offer services they need

It only makes sense that we extend that sharing to the world at large, and our affiliate program is another way that we hope to make earning from peer to peer travel possible for people around the world.



Free to Join

The affiliate program is free to join, and is open to anyone, as long as they have an active PayPal account to accept payments for their earnings.

Unique Tracking

When you sign up as an affiliate on, you will be assigned a unique affiliate URL that you can use to promote the site. No two URLs are alike, and we use your code to match your conversions with your account.

Lifetime Earnings

We want to make it worth your while to promote, so we offer lifetime earnings, matched to the users you sign up. Every time we earn a commission on their travel services through, you earn 5% of the commission. There's no limit on time or value of earnings. As long as your members are using, you'll get paid.

Easy Reports

Every affiliate has access to an Affiliate Dashboard, that shows them what their traffic stats, conversions and earnings are, and where you can access marketing tools and more.