There's a very big world out there, and most of us will only ever see a fraction of it. We wanted to create a platform that makes it easy to find life's unforgettable experiences.


trapeer.com is just that. A platform that connects life's wanderers and adventurers with people in the places they visit. It's for those who want to see, do and experience things that aren't necessarily on the beaten track. That want their travels to impact local communities, and that want to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you want to find a fishing boat to take you out on the water in Vietnam, a couch to crash on in Paris, or a local to teach you how to kitesurf in South Africa, trapeer.com is where you should be looking.

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Some travelers are perfectly happy with chain hotels, canned experiences and coloring inside the lines.

Those are not the travelers that choose trapeer.com.

This site is all about the road less travelled, and the experiences most people never get to have.

We're all about travelers who want to see the world like locals, do things that aren't on the big corporate websites, and support sustainable, small scale tourism operations.

We're about connecting wanderers and adventurers with locals who can show them things that you just don't see any other way.

Welcome, wanderers!



It's about time that the tourism industry benefited the people who actually live in the countries we all want to visit.

trapeer.com is founded on the notion that it can, and should.

Our platform allows small, local businesses and individuals in countries that travelers want to visit to connect directly with people seeking unique, local flavor and experiences.

It allows people who might otherwise not get the opportunity to offer their services in accomodation, lessons and activities, transportation, tours and trips, equipment hire and more, directly to the people who are looking for them.

Join us, and show travelers what really makes your country tick.